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More about the world of our police stories.

Brighton Heights sign

Sam Cooper is a widower who threw himself into his job after his wife's passing.

Joey Crenshaw is an ambitious detective, who wants to be police chief himself, one day.

Matthew Hollister is a good straight man, who excels at remaining indifferent. He's a traffic officer, most of the time. Though occasionally interrogates exceptionally difficult suspects.

Ariana Martino is the newst member of the force. She's been there a couple of years... and is still called the rookie. But she's a good investigator and can blend in in almost any situation. That's because she graduated from the police academy -- and T.V. Detectives 101.

Jeremy Haymes is not on the sign. He's a spunky kid with the brains of a detective, and the backstory of a crook. With a little encouragement, he has a good future in law enforcement -- if he choses the right side of the law.


As a reminder, we are dedicated to bringing readers books that are free from cursing, sex and gratuitous violence. While a murder mystery needs a dead person, we avoid gruesome descriptions. Smoking, drinking and drugs are things that the criminals may be prone to doing, but not the heros of our stories.